Santa Fe Sport vs Chevrolet Equinox

 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport
 2017 Chevrolet Equinox

2017 Santa Fe Sport Features vs Chevy Equinox

  2017 Santa Fe Sport
 2017 Chevy Equinox
Automatic Emergency Braking1 ✔ Not Available
Smart Cruise Control with Start/Stop2 ✔
 Not Available
Dynamic Bending Light3 ✔ Not Available
Hands-Free Smart Liftgate4 ✔ Not Available
High Beam Assist5
 Not Available
Multi-View Camera System
  ✔ Not Available

Still Not Convinced the Santa Fe Sport is the Model For You? Keep Reading

When it comes to a quality utility vehicle,everyone wants one. Here at Mid-Island Hyundai, you can find it in the form ofthe Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. It's compact, but plenty versatile, stylish,efficient, and loaded with features that drivers from Centereach and acrossLong Island will love, making it the clear choice for you.

But, we certainly know you have many options, anddeciding which one is right for you requires doing research and homework. Well,consider this page your cliff notes, because when it comes to the Santa FeSport going up against a vehicle like the Chevrolet Equinox, there are manydifferent ways the Santa Fe comes out on top, and we're going to give you allthose reasons.

Automatic Emergency Braking with PedestrianDetection

The Hyundai Santa Fe offers available AutomaticEmergency Braking, and that's not available on the Chevy Equinox. The systemuses a camera and a radar sensor and camera to always be on the lookout, and ifit senses there is a person or another vehicle ahead at speeds from five milesper hour to 43-50 miles per hour, it will alert you and apply the brakes atfull force to stop and avert the impact or avoid it altogether. That's an addedpeace of mind, and a reason that the Santa Fe Sport was named a 2017 IIHS TopSafety Pick, too.

Smart Cruise Control with Stop/Start

A features like Smart Cruise Control withStart/Stop allows you to detect a vehicle distance, and keep that distancewhile maintaining speed and adjusting when needed. Most automobiles out theredo that, but where the Santa Fe Sport differs from the likes of the Equinox isthat if you need to come to a full stop, and then start back up again, theSanta Fe Sport and this system will do that, without any driver input, and youwon't find that on the Equinox.

Dynamic Bending Light

When you're driving at night, your headlights onlysee what's right in front, even as you turn. That's not the case with theHyundai Santa Fe. It features available Dynamic Bending Light, which moves thelights with the vehicle as you turn, so you can see around bends and cornersand feel more secure as you drive with better line of sight. You're not goingto find a feature like that on the Chevy Equinox.

High Beam Assist

Along with Dynamic Bending Light, the Santa FeSport offers High Beam Assist, which will automatically turn your high beamsoff when it senses oncoming traffic, so you don't have to, and other driverswill be thankful for it. Once again, that's not found on the Equinox.

Hands-Free Smart Liftgate

One feature that the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport hasthat is found across all Hyundai vehicles here in our Centereach showroom isthe Hands-free Smart Liftgate, which automatically opens the liftgate if youstand within close range and have your proximity key on you. It certainly comesin handy when you have your hands full and need access to the back, and that'sa convenience that the Chevy Equinox doesn't provide.

Learn More about the Hyundai Santa FeSport

Our team here at Mid-Island Hyundai would be happyto provide you with additional details and advantages of the Santa Fe Sporthere in our showroom in Centereach, NY. Feel free to contact us or stop in andsee us as we'd can answer your questions, and set up a test drive at yourconvenience.


1. Top Safety Pick rating based on a "Good" in the 31 mph side-impact crashtest, 40 mph moderate overlap frontal crash test, 20 mph rear-impact test, roof strength testing, a Good or Acceptable 40 mph small overlap frontal crash test, and an advanced or superior rating for front crash prevention performed by the IIHS. For details, visit

Available on Sport 2.0T Ultimate only. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB) is designed to detect vehicles whose taillights are directly in front of the Santa Fe Sport. AEB will not detect objects other than cars. AEB initiates full braking at speeds between 5 and 50 mph. AEB is not a substitute for safe driving. See Owner's Manual for details and limitations.

Listed below are the conditions referenced in the Owner's Manual where the system may not detect a pedestrian:

  • The pedestrian is not fully captured by the camera sensor, or the pedestrian does not walk in the upright position
  • The pedestrian moves very fast
  • The pedestrian abruptly appears in front
  • The pedestrian wears clothes in the color similar to the background
  • The outside is too bright or too dark
  • The vehicle drives at night or in the darkness
  • There is an item similar to a person's body structure
  • The pedestrian is small
  • The pedestrian has impaired mobility
  • It is difficult to distinguish the pedestrian from the surroundings
  • The sensor recognition is limited
  • There is a group of pedestrians 

Claim based on comparison of specifications on manufacturer websites.

2. Available on Sport 2.0T Ultimate only. Smart Cruise Control with stop/start capability is not a collision avoidance or warning device. Smart Cruise Control is for highway use only and should not be used in poor weather, heavy or varying traffic, or on winding or slippery roads.Driver remains responsible to slow or stop the vehicle to avoid a collision.Claim based on comparison of specifications on manufacturer websites.

3. Claim based on comparison of specifications on manufacturer websites.

4. The Smart Liftgate will open when the Smart Key is within 40 inches of the detection area for at least 3 seconds. Radio transmitters and other vehicle smart keys may interfere in normal operation of the feature. Please consult Owner's Manual for further details. Make sure you close the liftgate before driving.

Claim based on comparison of specifications on manufacturer websites.

5. Claim based on comparison of specifications on manufacturer websites.

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